Todd Mudie Group - Health & Safety

At TMG, we place the utmost importance on prioritizing the health & safety, and wellbeing of our team, their families, clients, and trade partners. Our vision is straightforward: to create a workplace that is both healthy and safe, where every team member can go home safely to their families.

These are shared responsibilities among our team, and we consider the safety of everyone who uses our workplace and interacts with our activities, including the general public. Through a strong team concept, we continuously work together to minimize accidents and improve our safety records. All team members actively participate in hazard identification and training programs, emergency preparedness, and seek ways to enhance our work practices while supporting one another.

Complacency has no place in our business activities. We actively promote health and safety objectives, and it is the duty of each individual to cooperate in maintaining the health and safety of themselves and others. Integration of Safety and Health Management with productivity and quality is paramount.

We consistently improve our approach for three key reasons:

Moral and ethical reasons: We strive to achieve positive results for our company, the families we support, and the community. Our main assets are the people within the organization, and we are committed to avoiding any hardship or disrepute.

Commercial reasons: We understand that a well-managed program, with the involvement of everyone, helps safeguard our profits and maintain a competitive edge for long-term survival. We recognize that a poorly controlled approach to this can erode our company’s financial success.

Legal reasons: We adhere to the principle of “Duty of Care” for our team, contractors, clients, and the public, as mandated by common law. We comply with the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992, along with relevant regulations and codes of practice.

By upholding these principles and continuously improving our approach, we ensure a safe work environment that protects the wellbeing of everyone associated with TMG.

On April 4, 2023, TMG achieved a significant milestone by being awarded a SiteWise Gold accreditation with an assessment score of 94%. This accomplishment reflects our high-quality health and safety systems, validated by the evidence provided during the assessment.