At TMG, our standards are high, but then so are
our aspirations

Whether you work alongside us, or within our team, our values and missions are the same. The TMG mission is to achieve excellence in everything we do. We set our standards high, and our team do too. It is a priority to ensure we achieve the high quality of work and expectations that our clients seek. For us, that attitude goes beyond what we do in our work, but in how we behave too, and in the moral compass we set. It’s also what makes us determined to find ways to give back to our community, whether that’s allocating some of our profits to the right community causes or sharing our wide range of skills for the greater good of South Canterbury.

Everyday here at TMG, we strive to:

  • Be the best people to do business with in all areas of our work
  • Serve our customers by providing compelling products, attractive pricing, and guaranteed follow-up and support services
  • Focus on what matters most to our customers
  • Be flexible in our processes and policies
  • To be friendly in all our working relationships and protect those relationships as best we can


Count on us to get the job done – in the time frame you require, and with minimal disruption to you.


We strive to maintain our integrity in every conversation and transaction. We value honesty in every aspect of our business, and expect it of every member of our team.


Passion defines us. It makes us look forward to our work and our team interactions. Every team member at TMG is professional and truly dedicated to their craft and their trade.


You can trust that we will handle your project or business venture with the care, professionalism and expertise you expect. With over 20 years of professional experience behind us, we expect nothing less of ourselves.